About us

Rame Cup is a Puerto Rican company that emerged in 2021 founded by Alondra Toledo in order to fight against menstrual poverty. We seek to be an accessible and high-impact company for all people.



We envision a world where all women have menstrual dignity, and live a healthy, safe and educated live. We want to provide an option that offers limitless opportunities while saving their money and reducing the environmental impact.



  • To improve access to hygienic, safe, economic and cost-effective menstruation for women around the world.
  • To educate women about menstrual cycle and the benefits of sustainable period products such as menstrual cups.
  • To advocate for the normalization of menstruation, and fight against the myths and stigma around it that persist across the globe.
  • To impact sectors in Puerto Rico and in the world where menstrual poverty affects the lifestyle of their women.