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Before using your Rame Cup

• What is my Rame Cup size?    


•How do I clean my menstrual cup before use?

Before each period you should boil your menstrual cup in water for 3 to 5 minutes to disinfect. During the period, only use soap and water to clean the menstrual cup.






•How to use your Rame Cup.

1. How to fold your menstrual cup.


2. How to insert your Rame Cup.

If it is your first time using the menstrual cup many times it can be a bit overwhelming at first but it is what you get used to and get to know your body a little more.

When using your Rame Cup you must:

A. Clean your hands

B. Be completely relaxed

C. To facilitate the insertion of the cup you can spread lubricant or water to your cup.

D. Fold the menstrual cup as you prefer (some suggestions above)

E. Insert it through your vagina

F. Accommodate it until you feel it is fully open

G. Enjoy your day


3. How to remove your Rame Cup.

 This may be the part that can bring us the most tension or anxiety but you will see that after your first few times stirring the menstrual cup it will be very simple for you.

A. Sit on a toilet as you would normally do and relax.

B. Touch your vagina until you feel the stem of the menstrual cup

C. Once you feel the stem, pull it until you feel the base of the cup.

D. Pinch the base to release the suction and remove the cup